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Bacau county, code 600170

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Executive Management:

eng. Teodor DUMITRAS
ec. Stefania TIMOFTE
eng. Viorel GROSU
eng. Mario Romica FOLLI
eng. Cengher ILIE
- Manager
- Technical Manager
- Economic Manager
- Production Manager
- Commercial Manager
- Mechanization Manager
After completion of Bicaz works, at the same time with the development of the hydropower construction sector, the General Directorate of the Hydropower Plant moved in Bucharest under the name of the Hydropower Construction Enterprise and it acquired the statute of unique performer of the specialized works in the country development plan.
This happened in 1961 and at the same time with its setting up the site “Bistrita downstream”, whose works were for the development of Bistrita river downstream of Bicaz, up to Bacau, was established.
The increase of work volume required therefore an upper level organization that is why the activity was carried out in new structures according to the regulations in force, namely: The Group of Sites ”Moldova” (1973), the Hydropower Construction Enterprise ”Siret” (1984), that became since 1990  ”Siret”  – Bacau Subsidiary and since 2006 „Moldova”- Bacau Subsidiary.
In 60-70s  a large volume of hydro works was required to be carried out for river regulations, for water storages in order to meet the water supply demands of urban inhabitants in full process of industrialization and for the agriculture. Among these important investments, our subunit was required to perform works to Poiana Uzului- Bacau storages, Stinca Costesti on Prut river, Bucecea, Bolboci on Ialomita river in Bucegi, Siriu- Buzau.
The works at this development “Siriu Storage” were to be performed in 1974, by Siriu site but owing to project complexity it was necessary an important development of the site that led to its transferring from Bacau and to the formation of a new entity, the Group of Sites „Siriu”-Buzau (1980). This group of sites was to carry out the works of the complex Buzau viver development requirements in force becoming successively the enterprise „Siriu-Surduc” (1984) and since 1990  „Siriu”-Buzau Subsidiary.
The „Modova” Subsidiary performed the development works of Bistrita river downstream of Bicaz  up to its junction with the Siret river and upstream of Poiana Teiului but also the developments of Poiana Uzului of Stinca Costesti - on Prut river, of Bolboci and Scropoasa in the Bucegi mountains on Ialomita river, of Cernavoda nuclear power plant on the return canal of cooling flow rates but also the pumping station for all the five designed reactors and the flow rate supply canal, the developments Bucecea, Galbeni, Racaciuni, Beresti, Calimanesti, Movileni on Siret river and they started the performance of works at Cosmesti hydropower plant in Vrancea county whose commissioning was in August 2010 (at present, the financing was suspended following the modification of the investment strategy of Hidroelectrica).
In parallel with these modernization process of Romania, our subsidiary carried out a lot of infrastructure works financed both from internal and external funds (European funds) based on all kind of programs and contracts. Among these, a few ones can be mentioned : replacement of water supply networks in Iasi, Bacau, Botosani, Brasov, Buzau towns and other ones comprising about 750 kilometres of pipelines, performance of complete water supply systems in other 30 localities, the drinking water headrace Poiana Uzului-Bacau 45 km., sewerage networks in urban and rural zones totalizing about 250 km, new bridge rehabilitations and constructions, river, brook and torrent regulations, roads, ecological landfills including the sorting and recycling of wastes in Iasi and Bacau, Botosani, Onesti and many others.
At same time, „Siriu” Buzau subsidiary has also an important activity by performing works at Siriu storage and starting with 1979 at the same time with the achievement of the investment “Surduc-Siriu Development” they carried out: Nehoiasu hydropower plant - Siriu water head with an installed power of 42 MW, a rockfill dam with 65 m and a fill volume of 1600 thousand cu.m.. The hydropower plant Nehoiasu-Surduc head with an installed power of 166 MW and hydropower plant Surduc-Ciresu head with an installed power of 20 MW were performed as well.
After 1990 in the Siriu Subsidiary zone, other investments became prioritary so that the subsidiary started to perform successfully various works. Among them: water supply and sewerage works in urban and rural localities Gura Teghi, Manzalesti-Vintila Voda,  Ion Roata; water networks rehabilitation in Brasov, water supply of Brasov; head office of the Savings Bank in Patarlagele, Siriu, Gura Teghii; the sawmill house and the technological platform for wood processing in Patarlagele, market of Patarlagele; bridge on Viperesti-Tronari; Movilita collecting center within Bucharest whole sale market.
As the investment volume in the constructions sector lowered dramatically, Hidroconstructia was confronted with serious problems. In order to overpass them starting with November 2013, the subsidiaries Siriu and Moldova merged  under the name of „Moldova” Subsidiary with the head office in Bacau.
The objectives of our organization are the same namely: to keep the work quality at the highest standards in compliance with the expectations of our clients. These objectives are fully achievable taking into consideration that our management is qualified and certified on international quality environment, labour health and safety systems and all these are in fully compliance with the requirements of social solidarity.

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