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Address:Izvoare street, no. 1, Bacau,
Bacau county, code 600170
Phone no: +40(0).234/531700;
Fax no.: +40(0).234/570894



Executive Management:

Eng. Viorel GROSU
ec. Maricica BUJOREANU
Eng. Viorel POPESCU
ec. Vasile TOMA
Eng. Iulian Constantin STAN
Eng. Mihai TOMA
- Manager
- Technical Manager
- Economic Manager
- Production Quality Manager
- Commercial Manager
- Construction Chief Engineer
- Mechanization Manager
In 1961 the site Bistra Aval was liquidated and transformed in time into the Subsidiary Siret Bacau (1990) and from 2006 into Moldova Subsidiary.
The development of the river Bistrita consisted in the performance of 12 hydropower nodes and in the regulation of the river bed along about 80 km. which were continued between 1967 and 1978 with more complex works like the storage lakes Poiana Uzului, Stinca Costesti on the Prut river and Tasca – Bicaz, Siriu – Buzau, Bolboci and Scropoasa on the Ialomita river, the consolidation of dam Paltinu on the Doftana river, etc.
Between 1979 and 1990 the complex development works of the river Siret were performed on sectors Galbeni – Beresti and Calimanesti – Movileni.
In 1990 the subsidiary Siret Bacau started the development works of the river Bistrita between the localities Borca and Poiana Teiului upstream from Bicaz.
Along its activity the subsidiary, besides the hydropower constructions, also approached works in other fields of activity. Among them mention should be made of the water supply and sewerage systems in Iasi, Bacau, Piatra Neamt and Buhusi, the bridges over rivers Bistrita and Siret, the industrial buildings in Roman, headoffices of several institutions in Piatra Neamt, blocks of flats in Stefanesti, a number of touristic objectives, etc. Due to the wide range of works before 1990 the subsidiary Moldova Bacau adapted itself with ease to the conditions of the these last years during which the investments have known a global drop especially in the hydropower field.
Penetrating the construction market in its area of influence the subsidiary performed a number of new works, the most important of which are: water supply and sewerage systems in urban and rural localities (Tg. Neamt, Suraia, Homocea, Focsani), the bridge over river Bistrita (Bacau), regulation of the river Siret (Oniscani – Bacau), grouting veil at dam Poiana Uzului, regulation of rivers at Livezi Berzunti, Poiana Teiului and Buhusi with foreign financing, bank protection at the Monastry Agapia, roads between Bilbor – Secu and Recea – Tulghes, water supply of Iasi, rehabilitation of water networks Bacau, dikes on river Olt at Hoghiz, rehabilitation of water networks Brasov.
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