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Project name Period Description Stage of works
A.H.E.Vadeni - Tg.Jiu 1985 - 1989 Dam VaDENI
Designer ISPH
River Jiu
Dam type PG / TE
Type of tightening - concrete upstream face
Level of crown - m 223.50
Dam height m 25.00
Dike height m 13.00
Dam length m 78.00
Dike length [...]
Completed   Inside Romania
Arrangement of distribution node area - Cariera Rosia 2003 - 2004 Top soil - excavations 5.520 cu.m, ballast cushion - waste excavations 56.350 cu.m
Ballast cushion 41.900 cu.m, sheet 18.845 sq.m, sand filling 3.176 cu.m, ballast 38.720 cu.m
Embankment-fillings 37.450 cu.m, collecting drains 3.520 sq.m, sheet 1.7[...]
Completed   Inside Romania
“Gent – De Waalse Krook” ianuarie 2014 - iulie 2015 „De Waalse Krook” is an urban renewal project of Ghent where they will find their place: the new library media center of the city, the Flemish Strategic Research Centre on digital technologies and research facilities of the University of Gent.
Completed   Inside Romania
Balan Dam Anul PIF / Year of commissioning 1964 The works for the Balan dam were commenced in 1964 out of the need to meet the requirements for industrial and drinking at the new mining location, namely the copper ore mine on the hills surrounding the Balan village.
Balan dam is the first rockfi[...]
Completed   Inside Romania
Belci dam Anul PIF / Year of commissioning 1963 The Belci dam and storage lake were designed and performed in order to ensure a 6 mc/s flow to supply water the Borzesti thermal power plant and the industrial plants in Onesti. Upon commissioning the lake volume was of 12.5 million m3. Subsequently [...] Completed   Inside Romania

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