Name Description Branches
Car repair works Through their own Car Repair workshops, RAR authorized, SC Hidroconstructia S.A. offers repair works for the following types of road vehicles:
- ROMAN 6135, 8135, 10215, 19215;
- Dacia 1310 break and station wagon (not Diesel Dacia);
- Aro 24
UCM Moldova
Raul Mare
UCM Banat
CHALET Barajul Izvorul Muntelui Classification: 1 star
Located in Izvorul Muntelui locality, it has 34 lodging places, distributed in single and double rooms, its own restaurant, bar, arranged parking.
Address: Izvorul Muntelui locality, Neamt county
Rented to a third party.
UCM Moldova
CHALET PAPUSA Classification: 2 stars
Located in Parang massif, at 1700 m level, it has 22 lodging places distributed in 12 rooms, restaurant of 40 seats, its own kitchen with state of the art endowment, meeting room of 30 seats, arranged parking.
Address: Novaci locality
Concrete finite products Our company can produce various concrete prefabs like for instance: ecologic manholes, panels, beams, kerbs, slabs or other products at the employers� demand as per the employers� documentation.Ardeal
Raul Mare
UCM Valcea
UCM Moldova
UCM Banat
Foraje, foraje piezometrice si de prospectiuni, si injectii de umplere Hidroconstructia S.A. - UCM Moldova - Bacau ofera servicii de foraje cu diametre intre 159 si 419 mm, dupa cum urmeaza:
- Diametru 159 - Hmax=200 m
- Diametru 244 - Hmax=100 m
- Diametru 270 - Hmax=60 m
- Diametru 324 - Hmax=60 m
- Diametru 419 - Hmax=30 m

Foraje piezometrice, hidrometrice si de prospeciuni
- Diametru 76 - Hmax=150 m
- Diametru 59 - Hmax=150 m

Injectii de umplere si de consolidare
UCM Moldova
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