Both the construction field and its related activity-construction materials – represent one of the development engines of the Romanian economy.

The social partnership at the level of these 2 branches was materialized in 1998 by the foundation of the Constructors’ Social House.

At present the Constructors’ Social House runs in a 2 party system (employer – trade unions) and it provides social security for a great number of employees.

Within the social partnership, the 2 partners decided to develop also other legal entities on the Constructors’ Social House platform, able to generate specific answers to certain needs of the activities under the construction and construction material branches.

S.C. Hidroconstructia S.A. is a founding member of the Constructors’ Social House (CSC) . Thus , the company’s employees benefited by social protection during the activity interruption caused by the inclement weather , granted from the CSC’s own funds . Such founds are granted during the November – March period (but not more than 90 days for one employee) when the activity cannot be carried out and it is temporarily interrupted ..

S.C. Hidroconstructia S.A. has periodic (monthly) meeting with regard to the social dialogue with the representative trade unions. These unions are affiliated, for the most part, to the General Federation of Trade Unions Familia.

Bilateral meetings, the employer – trade union, raise the actual issues within the company. The two dialogue partners talk shop about the construction market evolution and other common interests subjects.

In 2014 it took place negotiations between the employer and the representative trade union regarding a new Collective Labor Contract, at the S.C. Hidroconstructia S.A. level. The new contract was signed by both parts, it is valid untill 2016 and was submitted to Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Senior Citizens, Labour Inspection, Bucharest Labour Inspectorate, under registration no. 372/19 september 2014.

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