Company of share-holders
CIF: RO 1556820

Registered Capital : 133.786.440 LEI


The Commercial Company HIDROCONSTRUCTIA S.A. originates from the former “General Department of the Bicaz HPP” founded in 1950 as the sole construction of the hydropower investment at Bicaz.

In 1961 the head office of the construction unit was moved to Bucharest under the name “The Enterprise for Hydropower Constructions (ICH) which in time became “The Trust for Hydropower Constructions Bucharest” (TCH), then “The General Contractor Trust for Hydropower Constructions Bucharest” (TAGCH).

In 1990 the Government Decision HG 1104 turned it into a commercial company under the name of HIDROCONSTRUCTIA S.A.

The main field of activity S.C. HIDROCONSTRUCTIA S.A. runs is the performance of hydropower and hydrotechnic construction works both above – and underground.

    Eversince its foundation and up to day the complexity of the hydropower developments has called for the approach of the whole range of construction works besides the specific hydropower ones, like for instance civil and industrial works, roads and bridges, edilitary works, land reclamation works, running of quarries and ballast pits, repairment of plants, metal structures, reinforced concrete prefabs, etc. under the following quantities:

- 172 dams out of which 144 made of concrete with heights up to 168 m;
- 182 HPP with an installed power of up to 1050 MW/HPP;
- 881,8 km. water headraces, having diameters of up to 7.50 m;
- 189 km. deviation canals and tailraces for the HPP;
- 516,4 million cu.m. of excavations in alluvia;
- 80.8 million cu.m. of excavations in rock;
- 494,84 million cu.m. of ballast fillings;
- 45,89 million cu.m. of rockfill;
- 42,66 million cu.m. of concrete above – and underground;
- 27.4 million sq.m. of drywalls for dikes;
- 5.7 million sq.m. of tightening walls;
- 1753,2 km surface groutings;
- 36,8 km tightening veil grouting:
- 612,4 km filling and consolidation groutings:
- 567 km. motorways, national roads, country roads and other road rehabilitation;
- 126 bridges totaling 7115,8 m in length;
- 906,6 km. pipelines for water supply and sewerage;
- 350.639,5 sq.m. civil and industrial constructions.

Repartitia actionarilor pe sucursale

    In parallel to the works carried out in Romania, the company has also performed hydrotechnic construction works, bridges, tunnels, etc. in foreign counties like in Algeria, Iran, Germany, etc.

S.C. HIDROCONSTRUCTIA S.A. was organized to perform construction activities both in Romania and abroad, as per its object of activity, which are carried by through its 12 subsidiaries, production sub-units without legal personality having their head offices spread all over the country.

    The subsidiaries are organized and run as per the principle of economic-financiar autonomy, they have their own management and bank accounts of liquidities, they run their activity based on the approved budget of income and expenses, they conclude commercial contracts within the competence limits they were granted, they cash their incomes directly and they make their own payments toward third parties, including to the state and local budgets.

    They draw up accounting balance sheets on a quarterly basis and yearly they issue economic-financial analysis based on their own accounting balance sheet.

The company has technical and material bases as well as its own plant and equipment as follows:


1. Property lands: 155 plots
Total land surface: 3,002,300.16 sq.m.
out of which:
- ground without constructions 285,667.67 sq.m.
- ground on which there are constructions 2,716,632.49 sq.m.
out of which:
- ground areas meant for platforms 1,336,476.76 sq.m.


2. Constructions of fixed assets: 727 buildings
Total of built surface: 342,730.86 sq.m.
Total spread surface of buildings: 407,976.87 sq.m.
out of which
- offices 25,304.24 sq.m.
- touristic areas 8,166.16 sq.m.
- areas having another destination 374,506.47 sq.m.

3. Construction of temporary developments
out of which: 2,392 pcs
- located on the property ground: 508 pcs
- areas used for productive activities: 59 pcs
- areas for offices: 24 pcs
- areas for store houses: 111 pcs
- areas for accommodation: 33 pcs
- other constructions and developments which
serve several activities: 281 pcs



• tire and crawler excavators, capacity (0.4-5.2 cu.m.) 290 pcs
• front loaders, capacity (16-3.4 cu.m.) 144 pcs
• crawler bulldozers 219 pcs
• graders and motor graders 28 pcs
• mechanic rammer 48 pcs
• vibrating plates 49 pcs
• undercrossing installations diam. 2”- 4” 8 pcs
• compactors and vibro-compactors 68 pcs
• piling installation 1 pcs
• joint cutting machine 37 pcs


• motor compressors (1.34 – 17 cu.m./min) 96 pcs
• electric compressors (0.2 – 30 cu.m./min) 225 pcs
• hydraulic hammers for rock breaking (90 – 800 kg) 127 pcs
• concrete pumps and motor – pumps 47 pcs
• drilling installation FRP 40 9 pcs
• grouting pump for colloidal suspension Atlas Copco ZBE 200 3 pcs
• shotcrete pump 4 pcs
• Silo carriage VSA 9 52 pcs
• VAM 5/5 cu.m., VAM 8 39 pcs
• Mine loader 31 pcs
• Mine locomotive 60 pcs


• tower cranes 5-40 t 28 pcs
• crawler crane 28-60 t 144 pcs
• tire crane and motor cranes (12.5-60) t 133 pcs


• generating sets 10-250 kVA 75 pcs


• welding groups and convertors 163 pcs
• automatic butt to butt welding machine 7 pcs


• automated electrofusion equipment 4 pcs
• installation for ecologic manholes 1 pcs


• tippers Roman 16 t 425 pcs
• tippers Tatra T815-270 S25 16 t (10 cu.m.) 55 pcs
• tippers Mercedes Benz 8x4 24 t (18 cu.m.) 13 pcs
• tippers Roman 20 t 36 pcs
• tippers Roman 8.5 t 25 pcs
• tippers Roman 6.5 t 8 pcs
• concrete motor transporter Roman 19AB4 – 5.5 cu.m. 117 pcs
• concrete motor transporter Mercedes Benz 6-9 cu.m. 24 pcs
• trucks Roman 6.5 – 16 t 67 pcs
• water tanks on trucks Roman 6.5-20 t 20 pcs
• vans Roman for person transport 19-40 seats 100 pcs
• trailers 2-24 t 65 pcs
• semi-trailers 16-40 t 74 pcs


and other specific equipment

These above mentioned technical equipment are spread all over the 11 subsidiaries which cover the whole country territory and one subsidiary in Germany.

The maintenance of these technical equipment shall be carried out by each of the 11 subsidiaries within their own mechanic and repairment workshops.

The car repair workshops are – part of them – agreed by RAR and the other part are being agreed now in 2005. With the car repair workshops there also run 6 stations for the Vehicle Periodic Technic Inspection.

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