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Address:Hidrocentralei street, no. 22, Tg. Jiu,
Gorj county, code 210195
Phone no: +40(0)253/ 217902
Fax no.: +40(0)253/ 217284


The UCM Jiu was founded in 1987 under the name of Site Group “Jiu” – Tg. Jiu and it is the successor of the subsidiaries which along the time were involved in the performance of the development Cerna – Motru – Tismana, Stage I development started in 1972.
During the time the following teams worked within this subsidiary:
- site group Iron Gates – Tr. Severin from 1972 until 1977 when they started the works for Iron Gates II;
- site group Cerna – Motru – Tismana with head office in Tismana – Gorj between 1977 – 1983;
- site group Cerna – Belareca with head office in Mehadia Caras Severin between 1983 – 1987;
- site group Jiu turned into subsidiary Jiu in 1977.
Between 1972-1987 the listed subsidiaries performed the following works within the development Cerna – Motru – Tismana:
- the main dam and the closing one on the Cerna river – commissioning 1979 – completed 1980;
- HPP Motru (50 MW) – commissioning 1979;
- Dam Motru – commissioning 1983 – completed 1988;
- HPP Tismana (water head Motru 106 MW) – commissioning 1983;
- HPP Tismana downstream (3 MW) – commissioning 1985.
During the second stage of the Cerna – Motru – Tismana development the following were commissioned but are still underway:
- dam Vaja – partially commissioned in 1987 – in progress;
- HPP Clocotis (10 MW) – commissioning in 1987;
- Dam Clocotis – in progress.

In 1996 the Subsidiary Jiu merged with Subsidiary Valea Sadului by taking over the Jiu river development section between Valea Sadului and Turcinesti as well as the Baleia development within TPP Paroseni.
The expertise of the specialists belonging to the Subsidiary Jiu was tested while performing several highly complex underground works (excavations, concreting, groutings for galleries and shafts) or while implementing several first – ever technologies like for instance casting of rolled concrete for the hydropower node Vadeni Tg. Jiu, which highly productive technology is to be implemented for the Turcinesti and Curtisoara developments as well.
After commissioning the Cerna – Motru – Tismana development the range of works carried out by the Subsidiary Jiu was diversified with the approach of new fields:
• Edilitary works:
- Water supply for Tg. Jiu (out of the source Susita Verde and Sohodol);
- Water supply of localities on the river Bistrita (Gureni, Pestisani, Brosteni si Hobita).
• Civil works:
- Extension of school Tg. Jiu;
- Human dispensary Turcinesti;
- Head office of company METACO S.A.;
- Motel Tismana.
• Industrial works:
- Halls and platforms for the central storehouse Preajba;
- Central workshop Barsesti.
• Road works:
- Streets in Tg. Jiu;
- Access road to monastery Stramba;
- County road Tisman, Pocruia.
• Various works:
- Earthworks in the mining basin Gorj and Mehedinti;
- Ecology works and closing of mining works;
- Bridge over Motru at Negoiesti;
- Sewerage system for Tg. Jiu.
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