consiliul de administrare

ec. Mihai MARIN
ec . Gabriela COMAN
eng. Ciprian BINDILEU
eng. Dorian TIMOFTI
ec. Daniela JIDOVU
eng. Adrian BOCAI
- General Manager
- Economic Manager
- Production Manager
- Quality Manager
- Procurement and Logistics Manager
- Technical Manager



The General Assembly of the Shareholders represents the whole of the shareholder and of their debates carried out under the laws and the provisions of the Constitutive Document; the decisions adopted by it are binding for all shareholders. The Shareholders' General Assembly can be an ordinary or an extraordinary one. The Ordinary General Assembly of the Shareholders shall be summoned by the Board of Directors, by the chairman or by another manager based on the power of attorney given by the chairman at least 15 days before the meeting date. The Ordinary General Assembly of the Shareholders takes place at least once a year. The Shareholders cannot be represented in the General Assembly by no other than the company's shareholders based on a special power of attorney certificated by signatures and stamp by the privatization support committees. The General Assembly Decisions are binding even for the shareholders who did not attend the assembly either themselves or by power of attorney. The Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies of the Shareholders are chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Should the latter fail to attend the Assembly shall be chaired by a manager appointed by the chairman.


The Ordinary General Assembly of the Shareholders shall elect with a simple majority of votes the Company's as per the provisions of the Company's Articles of Association, shareholders and non-shareholders, provisory and revocable for a 4 year period.

The selection of the managing directors is performed by the General Meeting of Shareholders from the persons registered on the candidate list , in compliance with the Organizational and Operational Regulation of the Managing Board of Directors, approved by the Decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Board of Directors shall meet once a month and whenever necessary at the company's head office or in any other locality, upon the chairman's summons or at the request of more than a 3rd of the managers. The decisions of the Board of Directors shall be taken with the absolute majority of the attendants by open vote. In case of equal number of votes the Chairman of the Board of Directors shall cast the decisive vote.

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