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S.C. HIDROCONSTRUCTIA S.A. considers the human resources management as a strategic and coherent approach of the management for a company’s most precious asset: the working people who, severally and/or jointly, contribute to reach the company’s goals in order to secure a competitive and longlasting advantage.

 •  An organization is first of all made of people. They should not be regarded as variable costs, but as a capital worth investing in, thus improving an already form value.

The company’s strategy and culture are extremely important elements regarding the human resources, therefore the company decided:

To achieve a strategic consistency between business strategies and the human resources  ones;

To issue procedures for all activities and consider them as an integral part of the QA, LHS and environmental protection management system;

To adopt a coherent approach for the employment policies and practices;

To achieve an agreement between the organizational structures and the production necessities depending on the income value and on the complexity of works;

To implement a remuneration and bonus system based on performance and motivation;

The continuous development of the employees’ professional training with a view to increasing their competence;

The annual evaluation of the individual performance with a view to improving the human resources management and its quality;

The strategic objective of S.C. HIDROCONSTRUCTIA S.A. is the meeting of the company’s general objectives by means of the human resources. The turning into account of this objective is reflected in the labour productivity growth, correlated with the growth provided for the average/minimum salary on the economy as per the Social Charta of the European Union.

the integration of the human resources policies with the business plans;stimulation of each employee’s commitment and dedication for the company’s success by orienting their several and joint performances towards quality;

creation of a working environment able to turn into account the employee’s creativity and energy, development of inventivity, team work and total quality;

Utilization by the organization of the progress made in the information and integrated system technology for productive activities:

development of a new management concept;
judicious utilization of the working time, fundament of the management growth;
modalities to increase the management work efficiency;

The relationship between the management board and the company’s employees:

turning the social dialogue into a management instrument;

development of the partnership with the trade union;

the utilization of the employees at their whole capacity and at the their full potential;


  • Competitivity and awareness of qualified personel

  • Systematic working for the on going professional improuvement of employees

  • Employees motivation – main objective of the management

  • Transparent relations between the social partners ( employer – trade union )

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