Founded in 1950 with a view to perform the hydro-power developments in Romania, our company has subsequently developed a wide range of work categories, aproaching at present various projects, both more
HIDROCONSTRUCTIA S.A. has the following management systems implemented: more

GDPR Policy

HIDROCONSTRUCTIA S.A. offers for selling to legal persons as well as to natural persons, based on orders, the following product range:
- ballast products
- graded mineral aggregates
- concrete
- concrete prefabs
- conclere slabs
- metal works
- sanitation manholes
- wood and PVC joinery more
By turning into account both the technical / material basis and the experience accumulated in over 55 years of activity, our company can offer a wide range of services as follows:
- rental of vehicles and equipment
- repairment of vehicles and equipment
- testing and trial of materials in our own attested laboratories
- periodical technical inspections
- trade
- tourism
, more
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