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Project name Period Description Stage of works
Berdu dam Anul PIF / Year of commissioning 1965 The dam Berdu
Since the running regime of the HPP is accidental, depending on the caught water volume and on the water consumption in the supply network which has the utmost priority, the necessity arose to design and perform downstream from the Str[...]
Completed   Inside Romania
Border Control and Crossing Point Salonta - Bihor District 1994 - 1996 Total platform S = 32.000 sq.m., concreted platform 5.200 sq.m.
Customs building Sd = 2.850 sq.m., P + 2
Canopies for checking philters - metallic structure 3.000 sq.m.
Water networks + fire extinguish L = 652 lm
Sanitary and rain water sewage L [...]
Completed   Inside Romania
Bulz dam Anul PIF / Year of commissioning 1978 In order to level the affluent peak flows from the Remeti and the Munteni HPP, which during the day varies between 0 and 49 m3/s, a buffer lake on Iad river was performed, downstream from the running of the tailrace gallery and the Bulz comune. This [...] Completed   Inside Romania
Catchment sill and MHPP Cluj 1987 The sill and micro HPP Cluj
The river Somerul Mic which crossed the town of Cluj, had an average natural flowing grade of 2.6% which called for a regulation inside the town by means of several sills performed along over 100 years, today reaching an [...]
Completed   Inside Romania
Closure of four dump sites in Covasna County 2012 - 2014 Household waste storage St. Gheorghe S = 6.76 ha - 121,500 cubic displacement and scattering waste, biogas wells 24 pcs, 50 sqm concrete platform, geotextile bentonite 59,600 square meters, 59,600 square drainage geotextile, 9.390 cm topsoil, seeding[...] Completed   Inside Romania

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